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Truffle condiments: discover the Special Line of Trivelli Tartufi

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From salt and honey to flavored condiments and balsamic vinegar with truffles: discover our “Special” line and embrace a world of taste.

Open the doors to the extraordinary taste of truffles! The “Special” line of Trivelli Tartufi takes you to discover the most popular truffle condiments: from Salt with truffles to Acacia Honey and Summer Truffles, from Fettuccine with truffles to Balsamic condiments with White and Black Truffles.

Our “Specials” offer you all those allies who can make a difference in the kitchen and transform a dish from normal to intensely fragrant and tasty, with a touch of originality. Condiments made by combining the extraordinary taste of our truffles with high quality raw materials, such as extra virgin olive oil or Himalayan pink salt.

A marriage of flavors that gives life to excellencies capable of intensely scenting any dish. A refined and well-prepared dish, which not only delights with its taste, but also brings joy and good humor to the table.

So, what are you waiting for? Open your arms to taste and immediately start enriching your dishes with fragrances: with our truffle condiments it will be child’s play!


Truffle condiments: white and pink Himalayan salt

Salt is the condiment beyond comparison: what would a dish be without the right amount of salt? We would be facing a dish without flavor and personality. On the other hand, a pinch of salt is enough to give the proper value to any dish, from pasta to main courses and, why not, even desserts! In fact, salt is also recommended in dough for biscuits or cakes.

In short, salt is essential in the kitchen, and you just can’t do without it. But there are many types of salt. For example, have you ever tried truffle salt? If you are a lover of innovation and like to experiment with different flavors, this salt is the right choice for you. In our “Special” line, we offer two versions of truffle salt

The first, our White Sea Salt and Truffle, is designed precisely to flavor raw and cooked vegetables, meat, and fish with finesse and elegance: a breath of flavor for those who love to dare and want to give an unusual touch to a dish.

But we also thought of another truffle salt, particularly suitable for roasted meat and fish: we are talking about our Himalayan Salt and Truffle. A combination that combines the flavor of the pink Himalayan salt with the unmistakable one of the Summer Truffle, particularly suitable for grilled meat and fish.


Truffle risotto and polenta with porcini mushrooms: discover our “Special” line proposals

What is the first thing that comes to mind if we say rice and truffles? That’s right, a very fragrant truffle risotto! But if it is not the right season for the truffle you would like to use, or you do not have it fresh at home, there is still a way to prepare a tasty truffle risotto in a few minutes.

Just choose our Carnaroli Rice and Truffle: a solution to create a fragrant and tasty risotto with summer truffles, even when fresh summer truffles aren’t there.

We thought of a container of rice and truffles ready to be poured into the pot and to be toasted: from here on, it’s up to your imagination!

An addition of Trivelli Tartufi sauces and creams can only give the final touch to your truffle risotto

Alternatively, if you prefer to prepare a more classic mushroom risotto, you can opt for our Dried Porcini Mushrooms: all the taste of these mushrooms ready to be released in another delicious winter risotto.

Another typical dish of the cold season is polenta: have you ever tried to imagine how polenta with porcini mushrooms and an addition of truffle can become? 

We tell you: a real delicacy! Even in this case, if you do not have fresh truffles at home, you can opt for our Corn and Summer Truffle Flour: a practical ready-made package that contains all the ingredients you will need to prepare a fragrant polenta with truffles and porcini mushrooms.

Our Instant Corn and Truffle Flour is ready to pour into plenty of salted water and takes only a few minutes to cook. Combine it with a tomato sauce, a side dish of sautéed mushrooms or our sauces: you can bring a dish full of flavor to the table in just a few minutes!


Pasta with truffles: our fettuccine

Entering the universe of pasta with truffles, a wonderful world of possibilities opens up: from stuffed pasta to tagliatelle, from tagliolini with truffles to fettuccine. Each pasta finds a new dimension in the marriage with truffles, especially long pasta, such as tagliatelle or fettuccine. A touch of butter, a grating of fresh truffle and voilà, refinement is on the table!

And it is precisely for lovers of pasta with truffles that we have created our ready-to-cook Fettuccine al Tartufo: an evergreen dish to bring to the table to amaze guests. In our “Special” line there are three variants: Fettuccine with Precious Black Truffle, Fettuccine with Precious White Truffle, and those with Summer Truffle. All to be savored and enriched with the sauce of your choice: tomato and mushroom sauce, butter, or with a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil.


Truffle dressings: acacia honey and more

The truffle is an ideal companion for cheese. Combinations of cheese and truffles are always a pleasure for the palate, especially when combined with another special ingredient such as honey.

We at Trivelli Tartufi have chosen to combine the sweetness of honey with the delicate and valuable taste of summer truffles. From this union, our Acacia Honey and Summer Truffle was born, one of our most versatile and loved truffle condiments. Delicious on cheeses, it is also an excellent ingredient to create new and tasty desserts, such as those proposed by our chef Daniele Citeron.

A few examples? Dolce Ricotta and My Mascarpone with Acacia Honey and Summer Truffle: two desserts in which the taste of Acacia Honey and Summer Truffle blends perfectly with other ingredients. In addition, the taste of our Acacia Honey and Summer Truffle finds an ideal match also in main courses, such as this delicate Rost Beef

And, for an even more intense touch of truffle? 

In this case, the right product is Anima di Tartufo: a truffle juice in all its purity, created to enhance the flavors of first courses, meat, and fish with its extraordinary fragrance.

The very essence of the truffle: this is how we like to define our Anima di Tartufo, an ideal condiment for those who love the precious taste of truffles and want to savor it in all its purity.

On the other hand, for those who cannot give up the taste of balsamic vinegar, we have created a Balsamic Dressing Flavored with White Truffle: a mix of balsamic vinegar and fine white truffle, perfect for enhancing the flavor of salads, cut of meat or to embellish the taste of sweets.


Black and white truffle: two condiments to try

What is, together with salt, the other condiment par excellence, if not extra virgin olive oil? We at Trivelli Tartufi also wanted to enrich the extra virgin olive oil with truffles, creating two other truffle condiments that you can find in the “Special” line. We are talking about the black truffle flavored oil, and the white truffle oil.

These spray truffle condiments are ideal for sprinkling fragrance and quality on any dish, from pasta to meat, from fish to eggs and croutons. 

A scent and a fragrance typical of truffle condiments, which can enhance the flavor of any dish and give that extra touch that can transform a dish from normal to extraordinary.


Choose our truffle dressings and condiments for Xmas

Thanks to our truffle condiments, you can enter a world made of aromas, flavors and fragrances created specifically to enrich dishes of all kinds: from pasta and risotto with truffles to polenta with porcini mushrooms and grilled meat.

In fact, each condiment of the “Special” line by Trivelli Tartufi has its role and its ideal dishes. For example, the Acacia and Summer Truffle Honey is perfect for desserts; the pink salt with Himalayan truffles goes perfectly with the taste of grilled meats; the Black and White Truffle Flavored Dressing is ideal for truffle pasta.

But that’s not all: given that Christmas is approaching, how about an original gift? 

Our truffle condiments are the right gift idea for the friend who is passionate about cooking, the friend who loves good food and the relatives who love the taste of truffles. Bringing the refined and unusual taste of truffles to the table has never been easier!

White, Precious Black and Summer Truffle: three truffles with an unmistakable flavor that marry not only with the taste of salt, acacia honey, balsamic vinegar but also with the one of rice and corn flour: in short, a real offer designed for connoisseurs.

Choose the truffle condiments you want to give to your loved ones, creating an original Christmas hamper full of delicacies: the ‘Specials’ line awaits you with its products to help you bring all the extraordinary taste of our products to Christmas tables!

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