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Truffle price: cost per kg and truffle exchange

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Let’s find out more about truffle prices and the truffle exchange. How much does the white truffle cost? And the black one? Here’s how the price changes


Fragrant, delicious, rare: the truffle is a key ingredient in the kitchen, able to enhance the taste of a simple pasta and turn it into a true masterpiece. It is also perfect with meat and fish, as well as with vegetables and autumn ingredients. 


And it can often cost truly… astronomical sums! Just think of the most expensive truffle in the world, which was auctioned this year at the 23rd World White Truffle Auction: a truffle of around 950 grams, which a Hong Kong businessman bought for the spectacular sum of 184,000 euros!

But what is the truffle price per kg in less exceptional cases than this? 

There are many factors that influence the cost of this king of the table: let’s find out together! 

How much is white truffle per kg?

Have you ever heard of a truffle stock exchange or Bourse? These are the quotations that the price of truffles reaches on a daily basis, excluding various fluctuations. One of the most famous stock exchanges? The one in Acqualagna, in the Marche region of Italy! By monitoring the truffle exchange, one can find out the quotations for the various types of tubers and get a fairly accurate idea of the truffle prices, which fluctuate. 

Of course, these fluctuations of the truffle price are caused by various factors.  

For example, the price of the white truffle of Alba is obviously linked to its rarity and is influenced by a number of variables, including availability and size. But there are also factors that influence the price of truffles, such as the quantity of specimens harvested, demand, state of preservation and harvest period. 

Shape also plays a role: a 100 grams Precious White truffle with a round shape, for example, has a different (and much higher) price than a Precious White truffle of the same weight, but grown with a more unusual shape.

The weather also has a significant influence here: the summer of 2022, characterised by a severe drought, resulted in fewer specimens, the price of which inevitably rose compared to previous seasons. 

The 2018/2019 season, for example, had surpassed the previous one in terms of the quantity of specimens harvested: for this reason, the price of the Precious White truffles had dropped compared to the previous year, settling around 1270 euro/kg (for specimens between 0 and 19 grams) and 2800 euro/kg (for specimens over 50 grams). The national average price of the Precious White truffle, updated at the end of December, was therefore around 1900 euro/kg. 

On the other hand, the 2022 season, also because of the drought, saw a sharp increase in the cost of truffles: for white truffles, the price per kg is around EUR 4,500, naturally with differences according to size. 

For small pieces, up to 20 grams, the truffle price is around 2900 euros; medium-size pieces, up to 50 grams, are priced at 4300 euros, while for large truffles, the price rises to around 6200 euros. The mathematical average given by comparing these prices therefore gives us a price of 4500 euros/kg for the Precious White truffle during the 2022 season

And for black truffles? How does the price change?  

Truffle price in 2022

Less rare and expensive than the Tuber Magnatum Pico, the black truffles found in this period (we mean December/January) are the Black Precious, also known as Nero di Norcia, and the Autumn Truffle. Excellent for enhancing many recipes, they do, however, have different prices. 

In fact, the Autumn truffle is around 1100 euro/kg. Here too, the price of truffles changes according to size: for truffles up to 10 grams, we speak of 700 euros/kg; from 20 to 50 grams, the price of black Autumn truffles rises to around 1200 euros per kg, while for truffle sizes over 50 grams, the price per kg is 1390 euros. 

On the other hand, the overall average price for the Precious Black Truffle is around EUR 1160 per kilo.

To recap, we said that the size of the truffle also influences its price because the larger it is, the rarer (and therefore more prized) it is. Other factors that contribute to varying the price of truffles are:

– the harvesting season (it is obviously better to buy a prized white truffle in the right season, when there is great availability of the product);

– seasonal and environmental factors;

– demand;

– state of preservation.


However, the prices in the various truffle exchanges should be observed carefully because a differentiation is usually made on the basis of size, but not on the basis of truffle morphology, which is very important. For example, a 30-gram Autumn truffle, whole but scratched by the dog, is not as valuable as a truffle of the same size, but without scratches. Even a broken 21-gram truffle does not have the same value as a 19-gram entire truffle, for example.

These differences, which are very important, are often not found on the web, so when buying a truffle it is always a good idea to pay attention to these factors. Therefore, at a fair, it is always better to be accompanied by an expert to assess its condition; on the other hand, regarding online shopping, a useful tip is to rely on a trusted company. 


Like us at Trivelli Tartufi, who have a true and deep passion for these hypogean mushrooms.

A love that is expressed in the quality and professionalism that we put into our work every day, so that you can always purchase high quality truffle products!

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