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Truffle pasta, the secrets for bringing excellence to the table

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Pasta with truffles is a world-class way to impress diners. Find out how to make this exciting dish by following some valuable tips


Tagliatelle, spaghetti, or ravioli: truffle pasta is a first course that knows how to enchant the palate. Let’s discover the truffle pasta recipe to amaze diners.


Pasta is the basic food in the Mediterranean diet and lends itself to thousands of different combinations. Pasta with legumes, with sauce, with vegetables … but also baked pasta, stuffed pasta, pasta sautéed in a pan with various types of condiments. In short, pasta is the protagonist of our diet, a workhorse on which to always focus to start a lunch. And pasta with truffles is a perfect first course to amaze diners!

To be served with grated fresh truffle directly on the table, truffle pasta can be proposed in various ways. Pasta with truffles and mushrooms, pasta with truffle cream and pasta with fresh grated truffle, are just some of the most common recipes.

Just choose the right dressing, such as a fresh seasonal truffle, a mushroom sauce, or a truffle sauce, to bring a true chef-star dish to the table!


What to combine with truffles?

Let’s start from the beginning: what type of pasta to combine with truffles? 

The choice is vast: tagliolini, fettuccine or tagliatelle are great classics, as are spaghetti. But even stuffed pasta can be a good choice to enhance the truffle: ravioli, tortelli and agnolotti, in fact, go very well with preparations of this type.

How to enhance the truffle with pasta, then? Using it, for example, as a filling.

In this case, a White Truffle Cream or a Truffle Sauce are the right solution for you.

Using these ingredients, preparing a tasty truffle filling will be easier than you think. Once the dough has been rolled out and cut out, simply prepare the filling by adding ricotta cheese, Parmesan cheese, salt, extra virgin olive oil and a tablespoon of truffle sauce or truffle cream to a bowl.

Alternatively, you can prepare a classic minced meat filling, enriching it with sliced fresh truffle or truffle cream when the heat is off. In both cases, all you must do is mix the ingredients, stuff your pasta with the truffle filling and proceed to cooking.


Pasta with truffles: how to season it

You can choose to enrich a simple truffle pasta also using one of our ready-made condiments: a Tomato and Black Truffle Sauce, or a Tomato Sauce, Porcini Mushrooms and Summer Truffle. All the taste of ready-made truffles, to be heated and used for your first courses.

If, on the other hand, you want to get to the top of the flavour even faster, you can opt for a ready-made truffle pasta. Here too, we have the ideal solution: Fettuccine con Tartufi Trivelli!

Enriched with the taste of Black Truffle, White Truffle and Summer Truffle, our fettuccine are perfect to bring a triumph of flavour to the table. All you have to do is prepare a pot of boiling water and cook your pasta with truffles. But how to season it?

Again, the alternatives are many and all rich in flavour: a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil? A mix of sautéed porcini mushrooms? Simply butter and Parmesan cheese? Let’s find out.


How to combine truffle pasta: choosing the right condiments

First of all, it must be remembered that truffles go well with simple flavours that do not overpower them, such as delicate cheeses, eggs, and butter. The latter, for example, is ideal for bringing classic pasta to the table, maintaining an extraordinary flavour that can be enhanced by a few slices of fresh truffle on top.

However, if you want to serve your guests pasta with fresh truffles, it is good to pay attention to the truffle harvesting periods and opt for a “seasonal” truffle. For example, in the winter period, in addition to the Black Precious Truffle, the Brumale Truffle is also in season, a tasty variety known for its notes reminiscent of undergrowth scents such as hazelnuts and almonds.

In addition, around mid-January, the period of the Tartufo Bianchetto (or Marzuolo) begins, a truffle of the white family distinguished by its strong flavour and strongly garlicky aroma.

Another thing to keep in mind, once you decide to prepare pasta with fresh truffles, is the truffle cleaning technique: only if you know the correct one you will be able to allow this precious hypogean mushroom to give its best.


How much truffle to put on the pasta?

A question that many people ask themselves when preparing a plate of truffle pasta is: how many grams of truffle for a plate of pasta? 

In short: how much truffle does it take per person? 

The ideal dose is around 7/10 grams per dish. For a table of 4 guests; therefore, you will need approximately 30/40 grams of fresh truffle (but always in season!).

In conclusion, truffle pasta prepared in the best way is always satisfying. It is a simple but always tasty solution, a quick but always tempting idea. In fact, this convenient and versatile dish, thanks to its genuine simplicity, always lends itself to delicious combinations.

A truffle cream, a truffle sauce or fresh truffle flakes plus your imagination, are enough to create a starred dish, such as pasta with truffles and mushrooms or, why not, a plate of ravioli or agnolotti with truffles: in this case, the ways of taste are truly endless. And all to be savoured.


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