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Truffle oil: a perfect seasoning for many recipes

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Where is truffle oil used? This seasoning is ideal for flavouring pastas and risottos, giving unique fragrances to every dish


Truffle oil or truffle flavoured oil, whatever you call it, it is an indispensable condiment in the kitchen for those who love the taste of truffles all year round

This ingredient is perfect for flavouring pastas and risottos, but also eggs, meat main courses, bruschetta, and even… pizza! In fact, just a few drops of truffle oil are enough to give an intense fragrance to any recipe.

Therefore, let’s find out together, how to use truffle oil to add a touch of flavour to your preparations.

Where is truffle oil used?

Truffle oil is used on first courses, such as pastas and risottos, but also on main courses of meat and eggs. 

We at Trivelli Tartufi have created two oil-based condiments that are perfect for cooking: we are talking about Flavoured Condiment with Precious Black Truffle and Flavoured Condiment with White Truffle. Two masterpieces that, thanks to the precious taste of truffles, can enrich any dish: even pizza!

For example, how about giving a new burst of flavour to a simple Pizza marinara? 

Our chef Daniele Citeroni brings you a Pizza marinara with Black Truffle Oil, perfect to enchant every palate. Another idea? 

A Pizza Rucola, Grana cheese and White Truffle Oil: in fact, the taste of the pizza goes with that of the king of truffles, creating an amazing combination of flavours.

Where, then, should you put truffle oil if not in dishes that perfectly match the flavour of this hypogean mushroom, such as truffle pasta and risotto?

How to use truffle oil: recipes for pasta dishes

Black truffle spaghetti, tagliatelle with mushrooms and truffles, truffle-filled pasta: there are so many recipes for bringing to the table a first course with all the flavour of truffles. The extra idea to enhance those dishes is to also use a drizzle of cold truffle oil as a final touch. In fact, when preparing pasta with truffle oil, one must remember never to use it while cooking, so that it does not lose all its delicious aroma and fragrance.

Therefore, even a classic risotto with saffron or porcini mushrooms can inebriate itself with the unmistakable aroma of truffles and reach unusual heights of flavour if a drizzle of truffle oil is added during the creaming process. 

But there are many ideas and variations for preparing a tasty risotto with truffle oil: a risotto with zucchini and truffle oil, for example, or a risotto with shrimp and truffle. With our truffle seasonings, indulging in cooking will be child’s play!

Where to put truffle oil: appetizers and main courses

Appetisers are also the perfect field to experience the fragrances of truffle-flavoured oil. For example, on a crouton.

We know that the truffle and cheese pairing is one of the most popular. So, try preparing a crouton or bruschetta with toasted bread, adding fresh cheese and a drizzle of truffle oil: and experience the deliciousness!

But truffle oil is also a perfect ally in the kitchen for main courses: for example, for a filet with porcini mushrooms or a very fresh tartare. Its intense aroma will enhance the other ingredients of the dish, creating an unforgettable harmony of flavours.

We mentioned meat-based main courses, but we must not forget fish. In fact, the combination of fish with truffles is also best in crudités, such as a fresh fish carpaccio. For example, how about a tuna and poppy seed tartare enriched with a drizzle of truffle oil? Even an octopus with potatoes, truffle and pecorino cheese can receive an extra burst of flavour if we complete the dish with truffle oil.

Staying on the subject of main courses, how then can we forget the combination of truffles with eggs

Always a classic in the kitchen (just think of egg noodles with truffles), this marriage of flavour is at its best when the protagonists are top-notch ingredients: very fresh eggs and the best truffle. Here again, truffle oil is a perfect ally for creating harmonious dishes with an unforgettable flavour. A touch of refinement for fried eggs, poached eggs with yolk still soft, or for refined and delicious omelettes with an incredible aroma.

In short, truffle oil confirms itself as a certainty in the kitchen: our seasonings, which are also flavoured in spray format, are the perfect allies for adding a truffle touch to any dish, from pasta dishes to pizzas. Discover the whole world of our products in our online shop and unleash your creativity in the kitchen!

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