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Truffle health benefits, here are the effects on our body

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Truffle health benefits are underrated, so here is a quick explanation of the relationship between truffles and health.

People usually associate the taste, the pleasure, the voluptuousness of a food to transgression or exaggeration. 

An old local joke goes: “all good things are either bad for your health or make you fat“. 

But…Is that true? 

Perhaps it is time to break down certain vaguely punitive and moralistic clichés and start thinking differently. 

Perhaps it is possible to enjoy food with an amazingly unmistakable taste without mistreating our body and metabolism. And, most of all, without any sense of guilt!

What is the solution to this apparent dilemma? 

Truffles are the answer! 

As a matter of fact, this delicious underground mushroom is not only a tasty ingredient, but also precious thing for our health. In conclusion: truffle is good

But what are the truffle health benefits? Let’s discover them together!


The benefits of truffles on health

First, the truffle, by its very nature, is rich in antioxidants. In fact, during its growth underground, it absorbs mineral salts and other nutrients that fight free radicals and prevent aging. 

Therefore, the truffle is good because it is food that prevents aging, as well as rejuvenating the tissues, with an elasticizing effect. 

Among truffle health benefits, we also find positive effects for the skin. In fact, once in contact with the skin its pigments act on excess melanin, with the effect of lightening possible skin spots.

In addition to that, truffles are good for health because they contain a lot of vitamins and magnesium, a panacea for our cardiovascular activity. 

The truffle also contains calcium, which is necessary for the health of teeth and bones and to prevent diseases such as osteoporosis. 

The benefits of truffles reach the kidneys, due to the presence of potassium that also regulates the heart rhythm, the functionality of the nerves and muscles. 

Truffles also contain phosphorus, which is useful to strengthen memory and give us energy. Some researchers also claim that truffles have antibacterial properties, although this claim has yet to be supported by further studies.


Truffle calories: an ally for the diet

Do you think that truffles contain many calories? Don’t worry, this is not the case. 

The truffle, in fact, is lean, since it does not contain cholesterol and has a very low caloric intake: 31 calories per 100 grams, although of course we tend to use it in limited quantities and accompany it with other foods. 

The truffle is also rich in digestive enzymes and contains a high amount of protein and fiber, which makes it ideal for low-cal diets and for those who want to lose weight or pay attention to calories.

Still sense of guilt? Don’t worry, truffle health benefits are important even for those who practice sports. This is precisely because of the contribution of magnesium, potassium and other minerals. Consequently, truffles can support our metabolism during sports, avoiding performance drops.


Truffle and health: focus on quantity

Sometimes truffle health benefits might not appear. As a matter of fact, massive consumption may not be ideal for our body, especially for the health of the liver and kidneys, which could be weighed down and fatigued by excessive consumption.

Considering the strong scent and taste, truffles are anyway ideal for a moderated use in the kitchen. In short: if you consume it with the attention, love and care it deserves, the benefits of truffles are undisputed.


Truffles are also good for the mood

Let’s face it: tasting a truffle is a joyful and happy experience, which is good for our mood since the first taste. 

This one of the truffle health benefits that does not need scientific justification, at least for our taste buds. 

Anyway, science confirms it: truffles are also good for our mood!

This positive effect is due to anandamide, an endocannabinoid molecule that we find in truffles and that seems to stimulate the production of melanin, improving mood.

The truffle uses this molecule to attract animals, which will dig it up, spreading its spores.

A cunning evolutionary strategy, which ends up bringing pleasure to anyone who tastes this underground mushroom. 

Ironically, it seems that anandamide is also very similar from a molecular point of view to THC, the active ingredient in cannabis. But do not worry: a truffle brings benefits, not unusual effects!

Just a great joy to our palate, and therefore to our mood, which will surely come out improved by a truffle dinner.

But let’s go further: the truffle can make us decidedly happy … if we consider the fact is that also considered an aphrodisiac food

Tradition has handed down this interesting notion, but science confirms it, at least on some animals that eat truffles. 

In fact, truffles contain a lot of pheromones and testosterone. Therefore, a truffle dinner makes us happy, cheerful and maybe also seductive.

So, here’s the end of our journey through truffle health benefits.

We’ve mentioned a long list of external and inner benefits, qualities that are both good for our body and spirit. 

So, let’s throw away any residual sense of guilt and enjoy our truffle: taste and health can go hand in hand, and indeed, triumph together.

If someone asks, “why you are eating truffles?”

You can simply answer “because it is good for me!”

Feeling good has never been so tasty!

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