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Truffle and cheese, discover the most delicious pairings

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Truffle and cheese is a very classic combination, almost obvious but, for this reason, even more difficult to propose in an ever-new way. Even the poet Umberto Saba, in his poem “Amai”, reiterates how even the simplest rhymes, because of their simplicity, are the most difficult to use. In fact, if you want to use proven combinations in the right way, you must always add something new.

Well, approaching for a moment the universe of poetry, we want to give a new meaning to the truffle-cheese combination: a combination that has years of recipes behind it, but always needs to be enhanced in an original way, finding new ways to express the flavors and aromas of these great protagonists of the kitchen. So, let’s start a journey together to discover the most delicious truffle and cheese combinations!


Truffle: joy and delight of the most refined palates

The truffle has a universe of different flavors, which differ depending on the variety: ranging from the white truffle, with its delicacy and its slightly garlicy taste, to the strong taste of the precious black truffle; from the hazelnut notes of the winter truffle, with its flavors reminiscent of porcini, to the more delicate ones of the summer truffle. Many nuances of different taste, which make it one of the most loved protagonists in the kitchen, able to give refined notes to any dish and make recipes unique.

But, what to combine it with? As mentioned, one of the most classic combinations is truffle and cheese.  Two flavors that come together to give taste buds the joy of a flavor that has no equal. However, you must be careful: not all cheeses are suitable to marry truffles in the right way

This depends on the fact that the truffle (as any kitchen protagonist) contains a marked flavor, which tends to cover the other ingredients if it is not used in the correct way. 

Let’s discover some suggestions on how to use it best, giving life to an unforgettable combination of flavours!


Truffle and cheese recipes: the appetizers 


Let’s start with the appetizers, the so-called “entrees”: one of the most successful combinations of truffle and cheese in the kitchen. We are talking about truffle and cheese croutons traditionally made with white or black truffle and butter. A warm crouton, with butter spread on top and, finally, a few flakes of white or black truffle are the ideal combination for an appetizer with an unforgettable flavor, which will amaze our diners.

We can also dare some variations. For example, with croutons spread with butter and enriched with white truffle (the white truffle cream of Trivelli Tartufi is also fine) and smoked salmon. The taste of salmon will blend perfectly with truffles, and everything will be enhanced by the delicate note of spreadable cheese or butter. 

Do you want a more intense flavor? Here is an alternative: croutons with melted scamorza cheese (goat cheese is also fine) and flakes of fresh precious black truffle. A joy for the palate! 


Butter and truffle: an Oscar-winning pairing

The taste of truffles goes well with the most neutral flavors (such as those of Philadelphia cheese, goat cheese or butter) also regarding first courses. 

For instance, you can make various first courses with butter and truffles:

  • tagliolini white truffle
  • tagliatelle butter and truffles
  • Any kind of simple pasta dish with butter and truffle

In fact, butter well suits to the taste of the various types of truffles

Consequently, no wonder why this combination deserves three classics in our store: butter and white truffle, butter and precious black truffle, butter and summer truffle

Another very famous first course is also truffle risotto with cheese, which finds in Parmesan a delicious and perfect creaming. But, surprisingly, even a more marked flavor, such as taleggio, finds a good understanding with the black truffle one; or, to give another example, the one of fontina cheese, which goes well with white truffles in a truffle and cheese fondue with precious aromatic notes. 


Summer truffle and cheese: for those who want to dare more

The summer scorzone, with its delicate taste can be suitable for more unusual combinations. For example, the one with cow or sheep ricotta and acacia honey, recommended by our chef Daniele Citeron in the dish “Dolce ricordo di ricotta”. 

Truffle honey paired with cheese reveals a dish with unexpected notes. The result is extraordinarily pleasant. 

Another unusual combination of truffle and cheese is the one with mascarpone and pistachios, in the recipe “My mascarpone with Acacia honey and summer truffle”: a combination that will amaze even the most demanding palates!

From the scorzone to the precious black truffle, up to the white truffle, the truffle and cheese combination remains one of the great classics of the kitchen. Anyway, just like any classic combination, it needs new meanings, new ways of expression, to best express all its flavors and potential.

That’s why Trivelli Tartufi has dedicated an entire online shop to truffle products.

From truffle pâtés to flavored condiments, from honey to truffle sauces, delicate notes combine with the quality of our products, to give you intense emotions and new tastes to discover with passion and dedication. 

Use our products to create new and intense truffle and cheese combinations in the kitchen!


Tabella dei Contenuti

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