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SIAL Paris 2022: Trivelli Tartufi is among exhibitors

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Trivelli Tartufi also takes part in one of the biggest events within the food industry, SIAL in Paris, scheduled from 15 to 19 October.


Paris. This word is enough to evoke a universe of joie de vivre, made up of artistic and architectural beauty, music, fashion, and aesthetics… but also food. The Ville Lumiére is not only, of course, the cradle of French cuisine, but also hosts SIAL, the International Food Fair, which this year will take place in the Paris Nord Villepinte complex, from 15 to 19 October.

An unmissable event for insiders, from chefs to major suppliers, from gourmets to cooking experts and food critics. This year, we at Trivelli Tartufi will also be joining the SIAL elite, for five days of tastings, demonstrations, and exhibitions. Our stand will be number L223, in Hall 5B: so, start marking this address… with taste! 

But what is SIAL Paris and why is it so important for the high-end food industry?


SIAL: what is the Paris food fair about?


The Exhibition was first launched in 1964, during the International Food Week, attracting food professionals, experts and… gourmets from up to 26 countries. Since then, the Paris Food Show has developed into a biennial event attracting exhibitors and visitors from over two hundred countries.

A key event for producers, importers, wholesalers, critics, and experts. Meetings, debates, and events all centred on food: an unmissable appointment for those who really want to make their mark in this sector. But what are its… ingredients?


Let’s start with SIAL Innovation, the competition for new food trends that rewards the most important and original innovations in the sector, with a total of fifteen award-winning categories. Then SIAL Talks discuss trends and challenges in the food industry, including climate change, the impact of technology and new horizons in logistics. A packed program of lectures, debates and talks by scientists, managers, analysts, and specialists. And not to mention the Future Lab, where innovations that will build the future of the industry are unveiled to answer fascinating questions such as “What will we be eating in ten years’ time?” and “What will be the food of the future?”.


Trivelli Tartufi at SIAL Paris: avant-garde in tradition


Trivelli Tartufi has a long and deep tradition in the truffle sector: a knowledge of the product at all levels, from harvesting to processing, which has allowed us to build a solid reputation and make us known as a brand for truffle lovers. In fact, Trivelli Tartufi is nowadays synonymous with quality.


But we are not used to resting on past successes or tradition, no matter how proud we are: the future is already here and even an exclusive and luxury food like truffles is finding new ways, new recipes, new ideas. This is why we will be at SIAL in Paris: to show the world not only what we have been and what we are, our tradition and our present, but above all our future.


That’s why you’ll find us at SIAL with our exclusive products: like the Frozen Summer Truffle, which retains all its natural flavour and deep taste while preserving for a long time. Or the Truffle Brisure: an original solution in which the Ground Truffle becomes a convenient but exclusive ingredient in a range of high-level dishes, to enhance every recipe; or the Truffle Juice or, as we call it, Truffle Soul: another solution destined to create new recipes, as well as enhancing the flavour we know so well.


And it is particularly appropriate that it is the soul that brings us to France. Because it is our soul, suspended between innovation and tradition, ancient taste, and new suggestions, that brings us to SIAL in Paris. We’ll tell talk about our product in a new way, to open up new culinary and economic avenues for our company and our truffles, to make ourselves known in the best possible way.


Of course, being at the International Food Show in Paris, which is a bit like the Champions League of the food industry, is an important moment, of great responsibility, for all of us at Trivelli Tartufi. However, it is also a sign of our work, of our commitment to you, our customers, and to our product, the truffle. For this reason, we will be happy to welcome you to our stand (we repeat: L223, room 5B!) to tell you once again our story of taste, tradition, and innovation.


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