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How to use truffle butter to boost your recipes

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Truffle butter is a perfect ally in the kitchen. Discover how to enhance your recipes using this gourmet high-quality ingredient


Truffle butter is a condiment that allows you to enhance your dishes thanks to the combination of two flavours that go perfectly together.

Sometimes life is complicated, especially when it comes to unions. Whether it is a marriage, a partnership, or an alliance, bringing two people, two worlds or two visions together is not always easy. If, on the other hand, you have a sweet tooth, bringing two tastes together is one of the great pleasures of food. In fact: it is a great excuse to experiment.

This is the case of truffle butter: a condiment that perfectly marries two flavours, creating a unique amalgam, which in turn can enhance a wide variety of dishes. A touch of flavour that some people get by combining excellent butter and excellent truffles. Despite this, we at Trivelli Tartufi offer you ready-made truffle butter, leaving you only one task: to taste it.


White, Black, or Summer Truffle butter, the use in the kitchen

Trivelli Tartufi truffle butter represents a unique opportunity to enjoy the fragrances of various types of truffles, combined with the authenticity and robust delicacy of butter.

Unlike the different varieties of fresh truffles, it can be enjoyed all year round, both in summer and winter. In fact, the unmistakable flavour of black, white, or summer truffle butter can enrich any dish with fragrance. But how to use truffle butter?

Do you want to enhance an otherwise more ordinary appetizer, transforming it into an entrée with an unparalleled taste? You can opt for a set of croutons with truffle butter. It is a simple but perfect truffle butter recipe since it is quick to prepare and certainly successful. In fact, the creaminess of the butter and the fragrances of the truffle will be enhanced by the warm bread, giving you an appetizer in which every flavour is enhanced.

Otherwise, here’s another idea: fried eggs. Do you think this is a classic recipe with nothing to teach?

If you follow our advice, you will find that this solution still has a lot to say. Just use a small amount of truffle butter in the pan, then break the eggs… and you’re done! The result is an ancient and traditional dish, revisited in a modern key by adding an elegant ingredient.

A condiment like black, white, or summer truffle butter, is therefore just what it takes to give a new spirit and a contemporary twist even to a typical dish!


Truffle butter on pasta and risotto

Anyway, truffle butter can also give its touch of magic to a first course. For example, let’s talk about butter pasta.

Normally, it is considered a simple dish and occasionally a real last-minute dinner solution, isn’t it? Pasta with truffles, on the other hand, is a refinement for connoisseurs.

That’s why a truffle butter pasta immediately becomes a taste explosion: a proposal that remains quick and easy but takes simplicity to a new level of flavour.

What about, let’s say, a dish of tagliolini enriched with our Butter and White Truffle? No words needed. In fact, in front of a dish like this: all that remains is the time to taste it!

But that’s not all: among the recipes with truffle butter, risottos also stand out!

With an ordinary risotto, the risk can be preparing a dish ‘like all the others’: whether with saffron, with pumpkin or with four cheeses, this dish, in fact, lacks creativity.

But by adding a little of our butter and fine black truffle while stirring the risotto, everything changes.

This touch of magic is enough to transform it into an exclusive dish, in which the exquisite flavour of the Black Truffle is felt with elegance. 

In short, this ingredient knows how give exclusivity, taste, and originality!


Truffle butter recipes, second courses

Even a second dish can be enlightened thanks to the truffle butter. We have already talked about the classic combinations of meat with truffles: however, a new idea could be to use Trivelli Tartufi Butter and Summer Truffle to flavour a fillet of beef, a veal stew, or a plate of scallops.

In fact, in this case the delicate notes of Summer Scorzone would combine with those of butter and meat, giving your recipes a touch of elegance and refinement and an unparalleled creaminess.

In short: truffle butter, with its aromas, is confirmed as a precious ally for creativity in the kitchen, making even the simplest dishes extraordinary. From truffle butter pasta to pan-fried eggs, or meat main courses, this ingredient offers various valuable culinary solutions. The rest is up to you, and your majestic fantasy!

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