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How to preserve truffles, let’s discover the various methods

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White truffle, black truffle: the varieties of this delicious precious mushroom transform, thanks to their unique scent and flavour, a simple dish into a recipe for true gourmets

However, enjoying the truffle flavour is not an experience that can be granted only on certain occasions. In fact, the truffle proves to be a precious ally to transform even everyday meals on true gourmet moments! 

Buying top-class truffles is very simple: you can find them in specialized stores or at local fairs. What about conservation? 

Actually, it takes little to lose the extraordinary truffle aroma.

Therefore, in case you’re planning not to consume it immediately after purchase, it is necessary to know how to preserve truffles.

There are various methods: in the fridge, in oil, in the freezer.

There are many ways to keep its quality intact, which will allow you to take it out of the hat at the right time, treating yourself to a dish with a regal flavor or amazing guests with a starred restaurant dish!


How to store truffles at home

How to preserve truffles? How long do truffles last? 

Let’s discover how to store fresh truffles.

The preservation in the refrigerator is the most popular to maintain the quality of the truffle before adding it to a recipe. 

An important thing to remember is that a fresh truffle, to release its incredible flavor, must be consumed as soon as possible. However, with the right precautions, you can keep the truffle in the fridge for several days and use it to create elaborate recipes without losing the intensity of its taste. 

The ideal is to wrap it in a cotton cloth or absorbent kitchen paper, which will be replaced once a day. This will allow you to keep it dry, avoiding absorption of the moisture of the truffle, and creation of mold that would affect the product. To store the truffle in the fridge, just put it in a closed glass jar and store it in the less cold shelf. 

How long do fresh truffles last in the fridge?

You must pay attention to the type of truffle: the white one is very delicate and should be consumed within 4/5 days, while the black truffle, if stored in the right way, is kept in the fridge for up to a maximum of 8-10 days

When you need it, all you have to do is take it out of the fridge and use it for your recipes! 


How to store truffles in the fridge – truffles in oil

Another way to store the truffle in the fridge is to store it in oil: once cleaned, just put the truffle (whole or cut into flakes) in a glass jar, cover it with oil and store it tightly closed in the fridge. You will also get a delicious oil slightly flavored with truffles, perfect for making a bruschetta, a salad or a dish based on fresh cheeses.

Even for the truffle in oil, the times are those of storage in the fridge: 4/5 days for the white truffle, 8-10 days for the black one. 

If you want to find out how to keep your truffle in the fridge longer, you can also create a delicious sauce to amaze your diners. Cook the black truffle (not the white one, which should be used only raw) with a little oil and salt and then put the sauce in the fridge; alternatively, you can also create a truffle butter by simply chopping it and mixing it with softened butter and salt. As a result, you will have a truffle-flavored sauce and butter that will last in the fridge for a few days.


How to store truffles – truffles in rice


Rice and black truffle, you know, get along very well to create a first course. However, few people know that they also marry well regarding the preservation of the latter. In fact, there are also other ways to store truffles apart from truffles in oil and truffles in the fridge. 

We are talking about conservation in rice. It is a somewhat unusual method, very effective and able to produce a double result!

After cleaning the black truffle with a toothbrush, put it in a glass jar, cover it totally with rice, close it and put it in the fridge. However, this method works only for short periods because rice tends to make the truffle dry. 

Therefore, this method is advisable if you want to consume it in a couple of days and maybe, if you also want to obtain a truffle flavored rice, ideal for a fragrant risotto!


How to store truffles in the freezer

An effective method to preserve the truffle, which allows you to have this product available longer (up to 12 months) is certainly to freeze it. 

How is frozen truffle preserved? In a very simple way! 

The first freezing mode involves the use of trays for ice cubes: clean the black truffle (the white one is too delicate and would lose its aroma), dry it well, slice it and store it in the various spaces. Afterwards, you will have to totally cover the cubes with oil (or melted butter) and let them solidify in the freezer. Then, you can put them in a container and store them in the freezer: and here are your truffle cubes ready to use

Another method to store truffes in the freezer involves cleaning it, slicing it, and closing it in a frost bag for food, possibly sealed with the vacuum machine. Once pulled out of the freezer, it is important to use it immediately if you wait for thawing, the truffle could become chewy.

Shortly, storing truffles at home is the best way to always have an extraordinary ingredient available, capable of enhancing a dish and making it unique. Spaghetti, tagliolini, fettuccine with white or black truffle are gourmet dishes that you can proudly offer to your guests. Just follow our advice to find out how preserve truffles and voilà: your home will become your favourite restaurant!

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