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How to clean truffles: secrets to do it right

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White and black truffles should be cleaned in different ways, but always using the maximum delicacy: here are all the steps to follow 

There are always many questions related to the world of truffles: How are truffles cooked? How and where can truffles be found?  How do you recognise a good truffle from a bad one? However, there is one question you always ask yourself after buying one of these extraordinary fruits of the earth: how to clean truffles?


Do you wash truffles, or is it sufficient to remove the soil residue with a brush? And if so, what kind of brush should be used? Cleaning truffles is not so simple: great care must be taken not to ruin them.

One thing that not everyone knows is that truffles are not all the same. White and black truffles, according to their different characteristics, are not cleaned in the same way but, on the contrary, must be cleaned with different tricks. Let’s find out together, then, how to clean truffles best!


Cleaning truffles: only do this before using them in cooking

When you buy a truffle, you immediately notice the light layer of earth covering its surface. This is a layer of earth that allows the truffle to retain its original aroma and be preserved for a few days. Therefore, if you do not want to use it right away, we recommend that you do not clean the truffle immediately and do not remove this layer of earth: it will help to maintain the truffle’s fragrance and help it to preserve itself.

However, beware if you notice an excessive layer of soil on the truffle when you buy it: dishonest sellers might use this excess soil to hide any imperfections or mould in the truffle itself. 

To store the truffle properly, wrap it in breathable gauze that allows oxygen to pass through. After this step, put it in a glass container, place it in the refrigerator and replace the gauze daily. In this way, the truffle will retain its fragrance for four or five days if it is a white truffle, and for about a week if we are talking about a black truffle. 


How to clean black truffles: water and a soft brush

As mentioned, it is best to clean the truffle only just before adding it to a dish. 

But how do you clean truffles? Again, attention must be paid to the variety of truffle in front of you: white and black truffles are cleaned in different ways.

When cleaning black truffles, one must, in general, pay more attention. Black truffles, in fact, due to their colour, can be misleading and hide soil residues. These tips apply to any variety of black truffle: from the Precious black to the Brumale, from the Summer Truffle to the Winter Truffle.

Start by removing excess soil with a small brush. Then, using a soft-bristled brush, clean the black truffle by running it under a trickle of cold water.

In rare cases it is possible to soak the truffle in water, just for a few minutes, to loosen the clayey soil that would otherwise not come off.

To remove earth or imperfections from the most difficult places, you can then help yourself with the tip of a small knife. However, always remember to use the utmost delicacy when cleaning the black truffle to avoid ruining it. 

When you have brushed it well, you can dry it with a cloth or kitchen paper. And here is your cleaned truffle, ready to be used


How to clean white truffles: soft brush and damp cloth

Do white truffles also have to be cleaned in this way? No, white truffles require different care. While black truffles, due to their characteristics, can be placed under water and also used in cooking, this rule does not apply to the cleaning of white truffles. In fact, the white truffle (whether Precious White or Whitish) should only be used raw, grated on dishes, and should never be cleaned by placing it under water. 

All you need to clean the white truffle is a small brush, a soft bristle brush and a damp cloth. The first step is to remove any excess soil from the truffle. Once removed, proceed cleaning the truffle with the brush, again very gently, trying to remove all dust and soil residues. 

Once this step has also been completed, all that remains is to clean the white truffle carefully with a damp cloth. 

In fact, unlike the black truffle, the white truffle fears contact with water. The delicacy of this truffle variety is extreme and must be respected by using various precautions: too violent cleaning, could end up ruining them. 


How to clean truffles: things to remember

In conclusion, cleaning truffles is not difficult but, in order to do it best, certain rules must be observed:

clean truffles only shortly before using them;

– never soak truffles in water, except for a few minutes;

– to clean black truffles, equip yourself with a small brush, a soft bristle brush and kitchen paper;

– to clean white truffles, keep a small brush and a damp cloth ready at hand.


Now that you know all the secrets on how to clean truffles, all you have to do is put them into practice. And since the white truffle season is about to begin… what better time to do it? 


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