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Corporate gift packs for companies by Trivelli Tartufi

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Corporate gift packs to give employees a nice truffle-based gift. From pates to sauces, sliced truffles and more, discover our proposals


December is the time to start thinking about corporate Christmas gift boxes: what should you choose to give your employees as a present in the right way? If pens, diaries, or a panettone cake seem too classic, and you want to do something different this year, why not go for originality? The traditional corporate gift packs are always a good compromise but, if you wish to be remembered for originality, we have just the right suggestion: 

corporate gift packs by Trivelli Tartufi! 

This is the best way to propose a different Christmas corporate gift and let your employees discover the incredible quality and flavour of our truffle products. Creams, pâtés, sauces: the truffle, an extraordinary hypogean mushroom with a thousand different flavour nuances, will be an ideal and above all exclusive companion on your employees’ Christmas tables! 

Truffle presents for employees

From the white truffle to the black truffle, from the whitish truffle to the summer truffle: Trivelli gift boxes are designed to please all tastes and let you discover the full variety of our products. From the sweetness of the black truffle to the slightly garlicky flavour of the white truffle, from the delicacy of the summer truffle to the spicy flavour of the whitish truffle: the best products to discover the truffle family in all its different nuances

We mentioned sweetness: the one of black truffle, for example, with its pleasant notes and intense aroma. It is precisely this sweetness that inspired the Dulcedo gift pack (from the Latin Dulcēdo, dulcedinis = sweetness, enchantment, pleasure). The same pleasure can be found when savouring the delicacies it contains, all based on black truffles: in addition to a package of whole black truffles, it also contains a cream of fine black truffle, a black truffle-flavoured condiment and two pâtés, which combine the taste of black truffles with champignons mushrooms and black olives. All in an elegant gift box with a distinct sophistication. 

Truffle gift boxes: the delicacy of the summer truffle

The inspiration behind the Suavitas gift packs (from the Latin Suāvĭtās, suavitatis = suavity, pleasantness, delicacy) is the cousin of the fine black truffle in other words, the summer truffle: a concentrate of delicacy and simplicity. A gift pack that, besides being a perfect corporate gift, will bring the unique taste of summer truffles to your employees’ tables.

In fact, Suavitas gift boxes will let you discover the delicate and suave taste of summer truffles, declined in different ways: in addition to the gift box containing entire summer truffles, it also includes a truffle sauce, an asparagus pâté with summer truffle and an artichoke and summer truffle pâté. A black truffle-flavoured condiment also completes the gift pack. 

Suavitas gift packs are ideal for bringing to the table the delicate flavour of summer truffles, discovering it slowly and accompanying it with croutons, pasta, and meat dishes: a perfect Christmas treat. 

Speaking of delights, how can we not mention the Delicia gift pack (from the Latin Deliciă, deliciae = delight, refinement, delicacy)? 

In fact, which truffle better than the white one can embody this concept and describe the refinement of these gift boxes?


Whole white truffles, a champignons mushroom and white truffle pâté and a white truffle-flavoured condiment are just the first delicacies to be revealed when opening the Delicia gift box. To complete the package, you will find two wonderful white truffle creams: a classic white truffle cream and one enriched with the intense flavour of porcini mushrooms. 

A refined and elegant corporate gift pack will bring to your employees’ Christmas tables the taste of the discovery of the white truffle, the great protagonist of the truffle family, with its unrivalled and unique flavour!


But how to recreate a sense of conviviality already called in Ancient Greece by the term Symposium to indicate the time of banqueting and being together? 


Easy, with Symposium gift boxes (from the Latin Symposium, symposii = banquet, conviviality). A treasure trove of surprises ranging from minced summer truffle to truffle sauce and black truffle seasoning. 

Is that all? Of course not: this gift pack also contains two packages of summer truffle pâté, one with asparagus and one with artichokes. And finally, the truffle butter, in the two versions “butter and fine black truffle” and “butter and white truffle“. Thus, a symposium dedicated to discovering the flavour and different fragrances of truffles in all their nuances.


Ideas for unique corporate gift packs: Maiestas and Aequilibrium packs


Maiestas gift boxes (from the Latin Māiestās, maiestatis = majesty, splendor, excellence) will bring all the flavor of black and white truffles to your employees’ homes. Whole black and white truffles, black and white truffle butter, a white truffle dressing, and two other novelties: acacia honey and summer truffle, a concentrate of sweetness ideal for enriching the moments of the day with flavor, and our “Truffle Soul” truffle juice, ideal for adding an extra touch to any dish with the taste of this refined mushroom.


And finally … the perfect harmony: that of black, white, and summer truffle essences.


A harmony that is best expressed in the Aequilibrium gift boxes (from the Latin Aequilibrium, aequilibrii = balance, harmony, measure), in which the flavours of the truffle are enhanced by the quality of our products. A paté of black olives and black truffle, a cream of porcini mushrooms and white truffle, our Truffle Soul. But that is not all! 

In fact, the Aequilibrium gift box, is completed with sea salt with white truffle, a black truffle flavoured dressing, a pack of minced summer truffles and a pack of sliced ​​summer truffles.

In short, a series of gift boxes dedicated to the discovery of the magic of the truffle and all its fragrances, from the sweetest black truffle to the most garlicky and spicy white truffle.

Trivelli Tartufi truffle gift boxes are an exclusive, original, and tasty Christmas gift that will pleasantly surprise your employees, bringing the taste of an extraordinary protagonist to their Christmas tables: truffle in all its forms!

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