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Christmas hamper, how to amaze with truffle-based gift ideas

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Original Christmas gifts? Discover the gift box based on… truffles!
A culinary gift: the Christmas basket with truffles
Truffle-based gift ideas: Maiestas gift boxes
Truffle gift boxes: the Symposium boxes
Christmas gifts: the magic of the Aequilibrium basket


Christmas gifts full of charm: Trivelli Tartufi gift boxes bring all the quality of our products to the homes of friends and relatives


Christmas is approaching: if gift ideas for friends and relatives are starting to run out, don’t worry, we at Trivelli Tartufi will give you the right tips to find the original gift idea you’ve been looking for! 

What do you think, for example, of a slightly unusual Christmas hamper? There are many types on the market, of course. They range from the more classic, with panettone (or pandoro) and sparkling wine, to the more elaborate, which also include cheese, wine, and sauces.


Alternatively, if you want to go against the trend and focus on a truly different Christmas basket, our advice is to choose surprising gift boxes that are not seen every day. Christmas gifts of great elegance, based on an ingredient capable of giving refinement to every dish: the truffle!


Original Christmas gifts? Discover the gift box based on… truffles!

Let’s face it: the Christmas hamper is a great way to give a gift to friends and relatives to whom, over the years, you have really given… everything! A gift basket with truffles, then, becomes a truly original idea to let people discover the excellence of our products and, ça va sans dire, celebrate Christmas with pâtés and flavoured condiments: quality products that will bring the fascinating flavours of the different truffle varieties to the tables of friends and relatives.

In fact, in the Trivelli Tartufi gift boxes, you will find a quantity of original products that will amaze your friends and relatives with their quality and delicious flavour: boxes of whole truffles, truffle-based sauces, truffle oils and much more. 

So many ideas to give the Christmas table the right charm!


A culinary gift: the Christmas basket with truffles

The truffle: a delicacy to be savoured slowly, to enrich first courses, crostini and main courses; like the white truffle, the undisputed king of the truffle family, star of the Delicia Christmas hamper. Those are elegant truffle gift boxes, full of surprises that reveal themselves in a crescendo of delights: first of all a classic white truffle cream and a white truffle and porcini mushroom cream. But to accompany them, you will also find a white truffle-flavoured condiment, a champignon mushroom and white truffle pâté and, finally, a packet of whole white truffles. All the flavour of the white truffle in refined and elegant gift box, which will reveal its wonderful surprises one by one to the recipient.

On the other hand, the black truffle, is the undisputed star of all the products in the Dulcedo Christmas hamper. A packet of whole black truffles, a precious black truffle cream, a black truffle-flavoured condiment: these are the first products you will discover when you open this Christmas hamper.

But what is one of the highlights of a self-respecting Christmas table? The pate, precisely. In fact, in this Christmas hamper you will find two types of pates: a fine black truffle and mushroom pâté and a black truffle and black olives one. Discover the full flavour of the black truffle and… enrich your Christmas lunches with pleasure!


But the fine black truffle is not the only member of the black truffle family to be found in the Trivelli Tartufi gift boxes. In fact, in the Suavitas gift box, it is the summer truffle, with its delicate, sweet flavour, that shows its full character. 

A concentrate of perfection that is told little by little, first with a packet of whole summer truffles, then with a truffle sauce with champignon mushrooms and summer truffle, an asparagus pâté with summer truffle and another pâté, which sees the flavours of summer truffle and artichoke together.

Finally, to complete the Suavitas gift packs, here is a black truffle condiment, capable of enchanting even the most discerning palates.


Truffle-based gift ideas: Maiestas gift boxes

The excellence of Trivelli Tartufi’s products does not stop here. In fact, the Maiestas Christmas hamper, will let you discover two other novelties in our catalogue. We are talking about acacia and summer truffle honey, perfect to enrich your day with sweetness, and Anima di Tartufo, our extraordinary truffle juice, ideal for giving your dishes a truffle flavour. 

Accompanying these two new additions to the Maiestas Christmas hamper are whole white and black truffles, a white truffle-flavoured condiment, a packet of white truffle butter and a packet of black truffle butter: in short, the perfect truffle gift ideas to enrich the festive season with pleasure!


Truffle gift boxes: Symposium gift boxes

But what about the wonders enclosed in the Symposium gift boxes? All the flavour of white and black truffles declined in different products, all incredibly refined. Would you like to open this gift box with us and discover the flavour of truffles? Here’s what you’ll discover: a packet of fine black truffle butter, a packet of white truffle butter and a black truffle flavoured condiment.

Is that all? Of course not. In fact, in the Symposium Christmas hamper, you will also find some minced summer truffle, a truffle sauce and two packages of summer truffle pâté: the first, enriched with artichokes; the second, with the intense flavour of asparagus. All the fragrances of the different truffle varieties will be on your tables, to experiment with new recipes, enrich aperitifs with flavour and give a truffle touch to a Christmas dish.


Christmas gifts: the magic of the Aequilibrium hamper

It’s never too late to discover the magic of truffles: the Aequilibrium gift baskets give you the chance to discover the world of truffles in its many declinations, with many different products. For example, with the black olives and black truffle pâté contained in this refined Christmas gift basket, which will accompany a packet of ground summer truffle, a cream of white truffle and porcini mushrooms and a white sea salt with truffle. In short, the ideal solution to add delicious flavour to any of your recipes. 

But the Aequilibrium gift pack also includes, in addition to our Truffle Soul, a packet of sliced summer truffles and a white truffle-flavoured condiment: a complete range of products perfect for discovering the magic that this delicious hypogean mushroom brings with it.

To find the most original truffle-based gift ideas to amaze your friends and relatives for your Christmas presents, all you need is a little inventiveness… and the right tip: discover in the Trivelli Tartufi shop the Christmas hamper that’s right for you! 

We will enrich it with top quality truffle products, thanks to a team effort that will bring a series of truly unforgettable truffle gift boxes to the tables of your friends and relatives!


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