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Fettuccine with truffles: bringing a triumph of flavour to the table

Le Fettuccine

Fettuccine with truffles is a great kitchen classic: with Trivelli Tartufi’s fettuccine, you bring excellence to the table whenever you want. Eggs and truffles: a classic that never gets stale. The combination of eggs with truffle, be it white or black, can be interpreted in so many ways: simple fried egg with a grating of […]

How to recognise a truffle gone bad

Riconoscere il tartufo andato a male

A truffle gone bad loses the exquisite flavour that makes it so precious: here’s how to detect those to avoid   Food of the gods, precious underground mushroom, aphrodisiac ingredient, king of the table: there are many definitions of the truffle. In fact, the truffle is a precious ingredient in the kitchen and on the […]

How to clean truffles: secrets to do it right

Come pulire il tartufo

White and black truffles should be cleaned in different ways, but always using the maximum delicacy: here are all the steps to follow  There are always many questions related to the world of truffles: How are truffles cooked? How and where can truffles be found?  How do you recognise a good truffle from a bad […]

Precious Black Truffle: the season of the king of black truffles has begun

Tipologie tartufo

Everything you always wanted to know about the most prized black truffle in the family: characteristics, uses in the kitchen and… secrets What is the Precious Black Truffle, if not an extraordinary protagonist of tasty winter recipes? Also known as the Norcia Black Truffle, the Tuber Melanosporum Vitt. is the most prized of the black […]

Can truffles be eaten during pregnancy? Here’s how to do it without risk!

Posso mangiare il tartufo in gravidanza?

Let’s find out how to eat truffles during pregnancy without risking toxoplasmosis or health problems. Here are some safe guidelines   The problem of toxoplasmosis in pregnancy can also arise with truffles. However, with the right precautions, it can be consumed safely. Truffles in pregnancy: yes, or no? There are many questions that accompany expectant […]

SIAL Paris 2022: Trivelli Tartufi is among exhibitors

SIAL Parigi - 2022

  Trivelli Tartufi also takes part in one of the biggest events within the food industry, SIAL in Paris, scheduled from 15 to 19 October.   Paris. This word is enough to evoke a universe of joie de vivre, made up of artistic and architectural beauty, music, fashion, and aesthetics… but also food. The Ville […]

Is the truffle a mushroom or a tuber? The mystery is revealed!

Tartufo fungo o tubero?

There is often enough confusion about the true nature of the truffle: some consider it a mushroom and others a tuber.  But who is right? Let’s make it clear.   What is a truffle? A splendid accompaniment for a sophisticated dish, a precious ingredient, a touch of class for special dishes. But, in detail, what […]

How to recognise a truffle by its scent: a symphony of the senses

Come riconoscere un tartufo dal profumo

Every truffle has something that makes it unique, besides its flavour: we are talking about the intense truffle scent, with original notes for each variety.   Over the past few months, we have talked a lot about truffles and everything to do with them: from combining truffles with meat to how to become a truffle […]

Christmas hamper, how to amaze with truffle-based gift ideas

Cesti di Natale

  Summary: • Original Christmas gifts? Discover the gift box based on… truffles! • A culinary gift: the Christmas basket with truffles • Truffle-based gift ideas: Maiestas gift boxes • Truffle gift boxes: the Symposium boxes • Christmas gifts: the magic of the Aequilibrium basket   Christmas gifts full of charm: Trivelli Tartufi gift boxes […]

Corporate gift packs for companies by Trivelli Tartufi

Pacchi regalo per le Aziende

Corporate gift packs to give employees a nice truffle-based gift. From pates to sauces, sliced truffles and more, discover our proposals   December is the time to start thinking about corporate Christmas gift boxes: what should you choose to give your employees as a present in the right way? If pens, diaries, or a panettone […]

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