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Black or white truffle. What is the most valuable one?

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Black or White truffle, let’s find out more about truffles ranking. Characteristics and peculiarities that make a truffle precious.


Recently, ​we’ve been talking about various types of truffles: the summer truffle (Scorzone), the white truffle and then the black winter truffle (tartufo uncinato or autumn truffle). 

Every truffle has its characteristics, its scents, its peculiarities… and the most indicated recipes to enhance its taste best! 

But what is the most prized truffle ever? The family of these extraordinary underground mushrooms has a leader at the top of the ranking.

Let’s find out together which truffle holds position number one!


Black or white truffle, the ranking

The truffle family, as we know, is rich in “brothers”: making a first distinction between black truffles and white truffles, we find more varieties associated with the same family. However, the main distinction is made by how truffles are priced. 

H2 > The most valuable black truffle

Let’s start, for example, from the family of black truffles. Many truffles belong to this “family” such as the summer truffle, the black winter truffle, the precious black truffle from Norcia and Spoleto, and so on. But what is the most valuable black truffle?

At the top of the ranking of black truffles there is (drumroll)… the precious black truffle (or black truffle from Norcia and Spoleto): this truffle, whose scientific name is Tuber Melanosporum Vittadini, conquers the first place thanks to its unique characteristics. 

This truffle has strong but balanced flavor, with sweet notes. It is indicated for numerous preparations in the kitchen and has a pleasant and delicate aroma. 

However, unlike other types of truffles, flavors and aromas are resistant to cooking. 

What does it mean? It means that the precious black truffle is also excellent cooked, as well as raw (unlike the white truffle), it maintains its fragrance unchanged even if frozen and can also be used for the preparation of fillings and second courses.

Other types of black truffles in the ranking

Other types of black truffles, such as brumale truffle, black winter truffle and summer truffle are inevitably positioned lower in the ranking of the most valuable black truffle. The brumale truffle (scientific name Tuber Brumale Vitt) for example, despite being similar to the precious black truffle (it has a different color of the gleba and different scent), stands in a low-ranking position. Why? 

Because there are many factors to consider when it comes to truffles ranking, including:

  • ease of harvesting
  • rarity
  • market demand
  • availability 

All these factors influence the pricing as well as the state of conservation and the quantity collected.

A black winter truffle, for example, has a higher price than the summer truffle.

In fact, the harvest period of the black winter truffle is limited to a couple of months, unlike the four months of the summer truffle. Consequently, prices are different. 


What is the most precious white truffle?

Let’s start talking about the family of white truffles by analyzing the bianchetto truffle (whitish truffle). Bianchetto truffle is similar to the white truffle. The color of the peridium is almost the same (at least until ripeness), but it has a different harvest period, a different size and a different scent (very garlicky).

Notwithstanding that, the difference mainly lies in the value: although it is an excellent truffle, indicated for various preparations in the kitchen, it does not reach the top position of the ranking. The top position is held, now we can reveal it, by the… (drum roll!) precious white truffle.

The precious white truffle of Alba (or Acqualagna) conquers the top of the ranking

It also deserves by right the first place in the general ranking of the most precious truffles, both white and black. In fact, it is “the” truffle, the most valuable truffle ever. 


Why is the white truffle so precious?

What are the characteristics that make the white truffle the most valuable? 

The scent, slightly garlicked, with notes reminiscent of fermented cheese, and its extraordinarily delicious taste (with its slightly spicy flavor) are all incredible characteristics. Consequently, the precious white truffle (scientific name Tuber Magnatum Pico) gently embellishes every dish and gives the right extra touch to create a masterpiece in the kitchen!

However, this truffle must be carefully used in the kitchen.

In fact, the white truffle should be used exclusively raw, perhaps grated on a hot dish – but it should never be cooked! Otherwhise it would end up losing all its flavor

This extreme delicacy is another factor that places it at the top of the ranking of the finest truffles, along with its rarity. 

As matter of fact this truffle is incredibly rare and grows only in certain environmental conditions

  • humid soils containing a large amount of potassium and calcium 
  • 700 mt of maximum altitude 
  • close to symbionts like oaks, poplars, willows, hazelnuts, linden trees and black hornbeams.

Since it grows only in particular environments, its harvest is also greatly influenced by climatic conditions.

The precious white truffle is also very difficult to find, only the most experienced truffle hunters can find it. 

And…last but not least, it is impossible to grow (unlike the black truffle, which can also be successfully grown in truffle farms).

All these characteristics (extraordinary flavor, delicacy, difficult harvesting) make it conquer the first place in the ranking of the finest truffles.

However, every truffle tells a different story and enriches dishes with unique flavours. 

It is enough to know the right way to use it, to discover the world of fragrances that truffles can give you.

Trivelli Tartufi has a mission: to make you discover the universe of the best truffles – no matter if black or white truffles.

A variety of flavors, aromas which, no doubt, will enchant you from the first taste.


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