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100 hours in the Piceno area

Tabella dei Contenuti

The second edition of 100 Hours in the Piceno area organized by the Picenum Tour members took on the unique flavor of the truffle. Travel and food bloggers from all over Italy have dived into an unforgettable experience aimed at discovering the wonderful and mysterious world of truffles.

A real journey through the unspoiled nature of the Marche woods and the history of the Trivelli family, led by Domenico Trivelli and the flair of Zara, a faithful and tireless puppy. The tour starts in the morning with the truffle hunt “Caccia al Tartufo” following the paths that branches out into the woods and the truffle grounds of the area. Peridium, gleba, veins, perfume, taste, every characteristic of the truffle is deepened and closely observed.

It continues with a company visit to learn about the main truffle selection and processing phases, from its distinction in quality, size and maturation, to the cutting and the processing. The prized mushroom is served in the delicious recipes of chef Andrea Mosca. From a light appetizer of Beef Carpaccio to a Mint Mousse as a dulcis in fundo. The only fil rouge, the truffle. The truffle hunt “Caccia al Tartufo” is a way to dive into picturesque landscapes, amid the memories of never told stories and scents to enjoy.

The discovery of an enchanting world which preserves such rare, prized fruits of the earth.

Tabella dei Contenuti

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