The company is well known in the food market, specially for collecting and processing truffles.

The production process was inherited from the place of its origin Roccafluvione and the old family tradition. So that we can add to the old methods of production, the contemporary technology: therefore the whole world can find in Trivelli products the ancient, genuine and fascinating real taste of truffles TRIVELLI TARTUFI follows essentially a family management, to keep safe the genuine quality of its production.

All this is possible through a high quality selection of the truffles from the original state, followed by a working process of traditional methods combined with the most modern technology, to guaranty the quality of the products and give the opportunity or reaching high levels of production and be present in the national and international market, keeping the high standard of quality that distinguishes our production.

Trivelli Truffles prefers the quality of its products in order to meet the expectations of customers and consumers.

The old family tradition handed down from father to son

Brushed by hand, placed in appropriate containers capable of maintaining a constant temperature, are shipped by courier the other side of the world in a maximum of 72-96 hours.

Suggested recipes

  • The recipe made ​​with truffles that we propose is the Risotto with White Truffle As usual, we recommend using valuable truffles for the realization of this recipe. 400 grams of rice 120 grams of butter 1 onion Parmigiano Reggiano sliversVegetable broth1/2 cup white wine
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